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    The difference between cream and milk

    Updated: 2014/8/6 10:49:07Clicks: 8691 times


    Milk powder, as a kind of natural livestock product ,is directly come from the natural fresh milk, , has certain organization standards, could not to add any other additives(except seasoning milk powder and functional milk powder).


    Whereas non dairy creamer, is mainly made from hydrogenated vegetable oil and sodium casein,is a kind of new food additive with good solubility and dispersion.


    Non dairy creamer can be produced according to different fat requirement, i.e. low fat, medium fat or high fat, so as to satisfy various customers.


    Compared with milk powder, non dairy creamer could reduce the production cost while ensure the same premise quality. It can be used for milk powder replacer due to its creamy taste and mellow mouth feeling.

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